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STORY Second Advisory Board Meeting in Leuven

On the 27th and the 28th of April 2017, the STORY project hosted its second Advisory Board Meeting.


20 participants from across Europe convened in Leuven to engage with the STORY team, to make sure that critical players can clearly articulate their interests and needs for storage and, at the same time, help guide STORY in addressing challenges and hurdles around adoption. The advisory board plays a strong role in integrating knowledge and innovation, picking up on the outcomes of the demonstrations and contributing to the market, policy and regulatory framework analysis.

The Advisory Board meeting gave the opportunity to all participants to get input and guidance on the ongoing work of STORY, especially about demonstration sites, business preconditions and how to better reach STORY’s target audiences with key messages.


Furthermore, Mr. Ivan Pearson of DG Energy gave a keynote presentation on the Winter Package. This led to a facilitated, interactive and multifaceted discussion with the Advisory Board Members on customer issues.

The meeting was also combined with a field trip to the STORY industrial demo site in Olen.



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