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Local Energy Communities – Exploring Research, Technologies & Regulations for their Implementation

Local energy communities and smart energy systems are key elements to increase the use of renewable energy resources at a local level, helping locations with weak connections to the national grid to maximise their energy independence whilst also reducing carbon emissions.

With the participation of European policy-makers and leading companies of the energy sector, the all-day event will feature the presentation of four H2020 projects (COMPILE, MERLON, MUSE GRIDS AND STORY) that are currently producing research activities on the implementation of local energy communities and the exploitation of smart energy systems.

A panel discussion will tackle the main points needed for the establishment of performing energy islands, considering innovations, integration between different sectors and technologies, and regulations on a international and national level.

In the afternoon, a workshop on energy local communities will take place, giving the opportunity to stakeholders and policy-makers of the energy sector to debate together around different topics: from the most innovative technologies to the impact of Clean Energy for All Europeans package; from the potential replicability of local energy communities around Europe to the business cases needed in the different member states.

Join us for this event, registrations are now open but we only have a limited number of seats available, don’t wait too long!

To access the registration page, please click here.



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