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PI facilitates interactive seminar on roll-out of microgrids

On 7 December 2015, Prospex Institute moderated an interactive seminar on microgrids, as part of a larger conference hosted by Smart Grid Flanders.

PI, together with STORY-partners Think-E and Vlerick Business School, designed and facilitated the brainstorm workshops on microgrids. Some 40 participants worked hard on identifying barriers and opportunities in separate breakout groups, where they envisioned the future roll-out of these grids. Exploring topics such as energy management, pricing and supply, participants voiced their ideas, concerns and suggestions as to what the energy future might keep in store.

The seminar was organised by Smart Grid Flanders, the Flemish branch of the Global Smart Grid Federation, which gathers key players from academia, private companies and competent authorities that are involved in, or advocate for, smart grid deployment. The network offers opportunities for knowledge-sharing, capacity-building and partnerships across multiple sectors and backgrounds.



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