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Exploring 'Kunststoffenbeurs' for ABSolEU

Anouk De Meulemeester joined the convention on behalf of Prospex Institute to connect with representatives of the plastics value chain, as a background work in the Horizon Europe project ABSolEU. The project focuses on developing innovative methods of recycling ABS plastic, which can be found in daily life objects such as shavers, pens, toys or car parts. The 'Kunststoffenbeurs' has released an after movie on the 2022 edition.

Prospex Institute’s role in the ABSolEU project is creating the bridge between the research carried out by the AbsolEU project partners and the actors in the current ABS value chain stakeholders. The goal is to explore if and how they might affect or be impacted by the industrial uptake of recycled ABS plastics in the future.

PI’s Anouk De Meulemeester attended keynote lectures to gather the latest news on innovation in the sector and took part in the Kunststoffenbeurs’ professional speed-dating with representatives of companies spanning the complete ABS value chain

This was her impression of the convention:

"My first experience was a passionate lecture by a professor of Wageningen University who talked about the high expectations we all have of recycled plastics, its role in the circular economy, the global reality of the sector and the hurdles for recycling in Europe. This is certainly an interesting perspective to consider later in the ABSolEU project."

"I have also had conversations with representatives from every part of the ABS value chain and left the convention much wiser and with a stack of business cards of people interested in participating in the ABSolEU value chain workshops in the coming years."

The next step for Prospex Institute is to complete the mapping of the ABS value chain stakeholder categories, after which PI will organize workshops with carefully selected representatives of the sector to learn about their needs and barriers for ABS recycling, and to support project partners developing technical solutions in the project.



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