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ABSolEU kicks off to close the ABS plastics recycling loop

Just before the summer break, Prospex Institute attended the kick-off meeting of the ABSolEU project, organised by the Université de Cote d’Azur (UCA) in Nice, France. All 11 project partners gathered there to connect with each other and discuss the first steps in the journey towards a circular recycling process for ABS plastic.

The consortium exists of organizations varying from research institutions to brand owners of ABS products such as shavers, car parts and toys, to producers and recyclers of ABS, incl. experts in plastic recycling digitalisation and standardisation. During the upcoming 4 years, their common vision is to develop a new ABS plastic recycling method that could be in the future introduced to the market, making the ABS industry more circular.

During the kick-off event, on 30 June – 01 July, the partners presented their respective roles, tasks and objectives in ABSolEU. They also discussed each work package to better understand synergies between them and agreed how to organize the work.

Prospex Institute’s (PI) role in ABSolEU is ensuring that its new recycling method can be accepted by the broader European civil community and actors of the ABS value chain. To achieve this goal, PI will organize a series of stakeholder engagement activities, involving actors from the ABS value chain, research, policy making and civil society. Their input will help inform other project partners and provide feedback for ABSolEU.

To kick-start the ABSolEU stakeholder engagement process, PI organized an interactive stakeholder mapping exercise during the meeting. In an interactive exercise, the partners were asked to provide input on categories of stakeholders affected or having an impact on the ABS value chain. This input will form the basis of a stakeholder database, to help PI identify actors that could be engaged in future ABSolEU workshops and events.

Read more about PI's engagement in ABSolEU on this page.


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