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TOP-Atelier shares hands-on upcycling tips for designers

TOP-atelier shares lessons learned, best practices and hands-on tips for designers interested in upcycling of textiles.

TOP-atelier, a project on the upcycling of textiles, has come to an end. To inspire and help other designers, the project shares its valuable insights from the designers, the project partners, and the designer’s coaches. To gather the information, Prospex Institute, together with the project partners and coaches, created a questionnaire and conducted in-depth interviews.

The results of this process were used to create an online guide in three languages for designers interested in upcycling. It will help them in their trajectory to create a sustainable and circular upcycling business model. Tips and lessons can be found on six different themes: designing, sorting, washing, disassembly, cutting and the assembly of clothes.

The project pushed the textiles upcycling process forward and makes it easier for designers to choose for a process that creates high-quality textile products with a low environmental and social impact.



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