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Bringing upcycled garments to market: consumer insights & perceptions

TOP-Atelier is reinventing the term recycling by producing products that are fashionable, original, high-quality and made to last. But what does it take to bring such collections of “up-cycled” products to the market? To help solve this question, Prospex Institute is organising consumer focus groups to collect feedback on the prototypes – new products made from discarded textile materials – and to gain crucial insights into consumer preferences and perceptions.

At the first focus group, which revolved around the brand Paule Josephe of up-cycled blouses, a group of 15 participants had the chance to see, feel and try on the product. They shared feedback as to the design and fabric, the level of pricing, the communications and “story” behind the product, the information they would like to receive as a customer, etc.

Developing a better understanding of consumers is a strategic necessity for the mainstreaming of more sustainable consumption patterns, in a world where new technologies and new business models are constantly changing how products are purchased and what information consumers may expect. In TOP-Atelier, Prospex Institute is designing consumer dialogues for every product developed, developing behavioural and perception insights that the TOP-Atelier designers can use to build a sustainable business out of recycling.

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