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Towards circular fashion: PI organised the first SCIRT User Board in Vienna

Prospex Institute recently organised the first in-person SCIRT User Board in Vienna, Austria. The event took place on 11th and 12h May and gathered representatives from the textiles value chain to discuss the journey towards circular fashion. The event was organised by Prospex Institute as part of the Scirt project, which aims to speed up the transition to a circular fashion system through technological innovation in textile-to-textile recycling.

Experts representing fashion brands and designers, recyclers and end-of life, researchers, civil society, and policy makers had open discussions throughout this two-day event. Project partners were also present and were able to provide further insight into the topic, allowing participants to better understand how the SCIRT project aims to find solutions to the key challenges in the future. Participants also had the chance to engage in a Q&A session with María Rincón Liévana, Policy Officer at the European Commission, who presented the recently published EU Textile Strategy.

During interactive breakout groups and plenary discussions, the participants had the chance to identify some of the key issues and ambitions they deemed relevant based on their expertise. These included for instance:

  • educating consumers on sustainability and clothing repair

  • exploring product passports

  • producing all clothes to be easily recycled and made from a high percentage of recycled fibre

  • developing a True Cost Model

  • reducing production and discouraging sales or discounts

This first in-person User Board was able to create connections and exchange knowledge on sustainability in the textile and fashion industry. The User Boards will continue in the autumn with regular online meetings focused on four specific topics, namely business models, waste management and collection, regulations, and circular design.

This project has received funding from the Horizon 2020 Programme under grant agreement n°101003906.


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