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Funding call open for establishing Climate-Smart Forestry pilots

FORWARDS has launched a funding call to set up Climate-Smart Forestry (CSF) and forest restoration pilots across Europe. These pilots will serve as a basis for developing an evidence-based understanding of effective CSF and restoration management practices in supporting climate change mitigation, adaptation, and biodiversity. Supported projects and activities should establish new field trials in forests for CSF and restoration management practices or test new practices in existing field trials.

The call, which is open from 31st July until 31st October, will fund five projects. Each awarded project will be granted up to EUR 140,000 and is expected to commence around the beginning of 2024, with a duration of maximum 18 months. Subsequently during this year and until the project end, FORWARDS will launch many more calls to fund projects across different themes. The grants are managed by European Forest Institute, which is one of the partners in FORWARDS.

Read full grant call and apply:

FORWARDS is a project funded by the European Union that will prototype the ForestWard Observatory, a pan-European monitoring and evaluation tool that will help in demonstrating the impact of climate change on forests, and guiding decision-making for practical forest management. For more information on the FORWARDS project, please visit:



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