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Analysing Critical Incidents for REEs Supply & Use in Euro

What could happen between now and 2026 that has an impact on REE supply and use in Europe? This is the question we asked participants to SecREEts third Policy Council on 17 September 2021. In this workshop, a group of carefully selected stakeholders joined us online and from Berlin to identify potential critical incidents in the field of Rare Earth. This event was organized as a foresight exercise and allowed participants to map each incident, prioritizing them based on impact and likelihood. Through a co-design process, the group identified four top critical incidents, some of which with different examples. For each of them they addressed the following points:

- What does this critical incident look like?

- What could lead to this?

- Why is it so likely?

- Why is it so impactful?

The outcomes of this discussion will now be a basis for SecREEts to engage further with other EU-funded projects but also policymakers and industry players on these foreseen risks. The discussions will continue in the last Policy Council of the project, in which we will address in particular possible solutions to each of the incidents mapped.

Want to hear more? Then have a look at the heatmap report.

SecREEts - PI Final Report
Download PDF • 5.30MB

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