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TOP-Atelier: textile upcycling and textile switchover project in Flanders


TOP-Atelier is a two-year project funded by the Flemish government circular economy programme (Vlaanderen Circulair), led by the Belgian education fund for the fashion and confection industry. The project designs and sets up new, experimental collaborations between textile waste sorters from the social economy, upcycling designers and the conventional textile industry. Joining forces across sectors, the project aims to assess prospects for textile reuse and remanufacturing in a collaborative model that is commercially and ecologically viable. Project partners: De Kringwinkel, Creamoda, Ivoc & Irec and Doek.


Prospex Institute's Role

Prospex Institute leads the exchange with textile recycling initiatives in the region, establishing synergies that lead towards joint policy recommendations for the circular transition. Prospex Institute also designs and moderates the sessions with young consumers, to find out about the expectations of future users and customers of up-cycled textile products. Want to learn more about the project? Follow TOP-Atelier via the official website  on Instagram and on Facebook.

With the support of Vlaanderen Circulair & Drawy.

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Our Mission

Decisions for society need to be taken in consultation & participation with those affected by it.


Prospex Institute helps to make this happen. We promote the participation of citizens & stakeholders in dialogue & decision-making processes of relevance for society.

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