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Prospex Institute is hiring!



  • Brussels-based

  • Relevant professional experience: 10-15 years

  • Starting date: October 2022 or earlier



Prospex Institute is looking for an experienced senior consultant with a background in stakeholder engagement, co-creation, participatory processes and related methods (e.g., design thinking) and with proven moderation/facilitation ability.


The tasks comprise developing strategies and designs for facilitating and managing/leading the implementation of stakeholder engagement in international projects, ranging from EU Horizon research & innovation projects to shorter term consultancy in various fields (e.g., biodiversity restoration, circular economy, energy, health, materials), taking up the role of line manager for a team.


We are looking for a colleague with a passion for dialogue, participatory and co-creative processes and with the ability to work on complex issues to join our multi-national team. The basis is Brussels, Belgium, with frequent travels (approx. 1-2 times per month, usually 1-3 days; COVID situation allowing).



  • A highly professional, internationally recognised and growing non-for-profit organization

  • Contributing to key topics with society – for society

  • A multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team

  • Working with top level partners across Europe and beyond

  • Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, with teams in Berlin and Ljubljana and with an international network and reach

  • More at



Degree, expertise


  • An adequate academic qualification (minimum: Master’s degree) in a relevant field

  • Expertise in dialogue, participatory and co-creative processes

  • Asset: background in one of the following fields: (a) Socio-economic assessment / research; (b) Strategy development & foresight

Experience, interests

  • Ten to fifteen years of relevant professional experience

  • Passionate about dialogue processes and engagement of citizens and stakeholders, also in advanced content, research and technical fields

  • Interest in working with science, academia, research and innovation

  • Interested in short to long term projects and consultancy covering a variety of topics including sustainability, research and innovation


Skills and attitudes

  • Excellent skills in designing processes and in building rapport with diverse groups and personalities

  • Excellent analytical skills combined with very good organizational and project management skills

  • Ability to manage / guide small teams and cooperating with a broad set of partners in implementing projects

  • Experience in working with digital tools for participatory formats

  • A team player and able to work independently

  • Professional, open-minded and pro-active, respectful and user-/customer-friendly attitude


Language, location & travel

  • Willing to work with a base in Brussels/Belgium; for part of the job remote work is possible

  • Languages:

    • Excellent native or near native command of English

    • Excellent command of either Dutch or another EU language; all languages an asset

  • Familiarity with the context and environment of Brussels/Belgium an asset

  • Willing to travel frequently, also internationally, between 1 day and several days per month (COVID situation allowing)


General and project coordination

  • Contribute to projects through engagement of diverse stakeholders (from government, business, research to civil society and citizens) on societally relevant issues in Europe and beyond

  • Project leadership / project management, project planning, implementation of projects and processes in short to long term projects and consultancy, ensuring the creation of deliverables for meeting deadlines, guiding more junior consultants and contributors in their activities; line management function of a team

  • Participation in meetings and events across Europe (COVID situation allowing)

Participatory processes, dialogue, co-creation, mapping and networking

  • Develop and contribute to strategies and action plans on how to engage specific stakeholder groups

  • Design participatory processes

  • Facilitate/Moderate engagement processes, including multi-stakeholder, analog, digital and hybrid ones

  • Lead and manage the identification of stakeholder groups, stakeholder mapping, mindful of concerns for diversity and inclusivity

  • Build alliances, perform networking and proposal development

Analysis, assessment and reports


  • Lead/manage research & assessment on a variety of topics and work them into materials usable in stakeholder and citizen engagement

  • Lead/manage analysis of engagement processes and outcomes

  • Devising and reviewing reports, documentation, articles, papers, publications in excellent English and, as applicable, other languages (see under languages above)


  • Contributing to key topics with society – for society

  • Work in international, high-level projects and with top level partners across Europe and beyond

  • A salary and benefit package in line with position and experience

  • Opportunities to participate in the development of a fast-growing organization

  • An innovative, inspiring, and positive work environment with an open team culture

  • A combination of content- and engagement-oriented work and of team- and self-guided work



Then please fill in your application in English in the online form below.



Please note that, as part of your application, we request the following:

  • Your motivation letter (one-page letter)

  • Your updated CV (complete with biographical data)

  • Copies of diplomas and certificates

  • A minimum of 2 references with contact details

  • Relevant requests if any

  • Examples of your work as appropriate

Application Form

In case of questions, please contact us via carine.bruggeman[at]


We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Mission

Decisions for society need to be taken in consultation & participation with those affected by it.


Prospex Institute helps to make this happen. We promote the participation of citizens & stakeholders in dialogue & decision-making processes of relevance for society.

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