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SCIRT: System Circularity and Innovative Recycling of Textiles


SCIRT: giving used textiles a second life


SCIRT is a unique collaboration between industry and research, involving the entire textiles value chain, contributing to the transition to a circular fashion system.


As clothing brands are setting ambitious targets to incorporate recycled fibres in their products, discarded textiles are piling up in abundance. Only in Europe, an average person discards 11 kilos of textiles a year, of which less than 1% is recycled into new fabrics.


That’s why SCIRT’s goal is to bring about technological innovation in textile-to-textile recycling to cut the waste and make the fashion industry more circular. The project involves technical partners and research institutes, who will focus on developing a technology that can turn discarded clothing into new fibres, and clothing brands who will use the recycled fabrics to produce brand-new apparel.


Prospex Institute's Role


Prospex Institute is involved in several work packages and leads the work package  focusing on stakeholder engagement. To provide a complete map of the value chain, the Prospex-CQI method will be used in identifying categories, quotas and individuals involved in the textiles value chain .


Over the project lifetime, Prospex will organise dedicated user boards to discuss challenges facing actors in the circular fashion system, and citizen labs to involve consumers in the process and learn how to incentivise them to sort their old textiles. In addition, Prospex Institute will contribute to policy recommendations to better integrate textile recycling in the fashion industry.


If you are interested to learn more, visit the SCIRT website and follow it on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 101003906.

Our Mission

Decisions for society need to be taken in consultation & participation with those affected by it.


Prospex Institute helps to make this happen. We promote the participation of citizens & stakeholders in dialogue & decision-making processes of relevance for society.

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