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Magic mushrooms are a special type of hallucinogenic mushroom valued for their ability to produce solid psychedelic effects. One of the most usual sort of magic mushrooms drop under the Psilocybe genus. This genus consists of over 200 different mushrooms containing psilocybin, the major compound responsible for creating psychedelic effects (such as hallucinations as well as altered perception). It's possible to forage psilocybin mushrooms in the wild, however you need to be very clued-up concerning the proper seasons, atmospheres, and also regulations. And also, mycology is an extremely in-depth subject, and mushroom identification takes years to find out. It's easy to mistake one kind of mushroom for another, which is bothersome when there are dangerous mushroom kinds as well. An even more comfy and much safer choice is to grow your own supply of mushrooms at home. If you have psilocybin mushrooms is to get mushroom expand packages from a reliable company, the finest means to know. By doing this, you get assurance that what turns up at your door will supply exactly what you requested-- champignon hallucinogène . If, nonetheless, you're figured out to identify mushrooms in your area, in the hope they might be of the psychedelic variety, we recommend studying a species overview. Considered that several mushroom selections are harmful to human beings, you'll wish to be 100% certain you're selecting and consuming the best kinds. Several of the differences in between psilocybin mushrooms are very subtle, so you'll require a keen eye. While we highly advise leaving it to the specialists. With over 200 varieties of psychedelic mushroom, it would take us a long time to document them all. You've probably currently become aware of ranges such as Psilocybe semilanceata and also fly agaric (which does not contain psilocybin), but there are a number of other preferred options. So before taking the hallucinogenic mushroom consult your medical professional as well as Don't think twice delight in the journey.



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