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Increasing Innovation in Forest Ecosystem Services

How can we find the right balance between using our forests and protecting them? Redefining the way we look at our forests and the services they provide us, the SINCERE projects is developing innovating actions that aim at achieving a sustainable balance between using these services while increasing the protection of this ecosystem.

On 28-29 January 2019, the SINCERE consortium and stakeholders from all over Europe attended the Co-Design event in Leuven, Belgium. Organised by Prospex Institute, the Co-Design event brought together stakeholders from the business area, policy-makers, environmental associations and tourism organisations together to exchange with SINCERE partners on the design of the Case Studies and their challenges.

The two days event allowed for fruitful discussions between all participants, each using their professional expertise to provide key inputs to the SINCERE partners. The interactive design of the event allowed for harvesting important comments and suggestions from stakeholders that will be taken onboard by SINCERE partners in their work.



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