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GO-GRASS: Grass-Based Circular Business Models For Rural Agri-Food Value Chains

Innovating with… grass! A quarter of the total area of the European Union is covered by grassland, a natural resource that has long been under-utilised and under-estimated. The GO-GRASS project aims at exploring this opportunity – which not only promises fascinating new 'life' for cut grass, but also the potential of strengthening rural communities across Europe.

In the four years of this project, our consortium works on developing circular business models and contribute to nutrient recovery, increased self-sufficiency of raw materials, innovative production of bio-based products and the reduction of energy consumption.

Concretely, the project will support the development and study the replication potential of four innovative value chains which will produce grass-based goods such as paper and packaging, animal bedding, protein-based animal feedstock or biochar for environmental, agricultural and energy use.

Prospex Institute's Role

In GO-GRASS, Prospex Institute will support a multi-actor engagement approach to develop a thorough understanding and necessary expansion of the value chain within the four demonstration sites of GO-GRASS, in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark.

Prospex Institute will also carry out engagement activities with consumers and potential end-users of the bio-based products developed in GO-GRASS to better evaluate the added-value of GO-GRASS technologies at a rural community level and assess consumer acceptance. Throughout the project, this engagement strategy aims at co-designing strategies to spark change towards sustainable consumption behaviour and to improve citizens’ awareness around bio-based products.

For more information about GO-GRASS, please visit the website.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 862674.

Our Mission

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Prospex Institute helps to make this happen. We promote the participation of citizens & stakeholders in dialogue & decision-making processes of relevance for society.

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